United States Longhair Cat Breeds

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Cat enthusiasts may easily identify a cat’s breed at first glance. However, with so many cat breeds throughout the world, many are harder to identify. Also, where many cat breeds originate from is a mystery to most cat fanciers. For this reason, we will be breaking down cat breeds by country, starting with the United States.  As so many breeds originate from our great country, we will start with the shorthairs.

The US longhairs are one of three main groups of breed origins. The others, British and Oriental, will be provided in another post. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about the United States longhair cat breeds.

United States Longhair Cat Breeds:

Persian-Cameo | The Most Glamorous of the Bunch

How dare you #child #cat #persiancat #persiancameo #lifopets #catsofinstagram #cats

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Persian-Cameo Bicolor | The Split Personality

Himalayan | The Peaceful Prince

Balinese | The Longhair Siamese

Gavin: You may kiss my paw 💋

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Balinese-Javanese | The Distant Cousin 

#cats #catsofinstagram #balinesejavanese #kitty . I love my ivory beauty.

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Chantilly/Tiffany | A Rare Treat

I swear we have the prettiest cat❤✨ #chantilly #chantillytiffany #catsofinstagram #bugatti

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Maine Coon | The Prom King & Queen

Да,этот Годзилла больше духового шкафа!🙀

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Ragdoll | The Big Lapcat


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Ragamuffin | The Gentle Giant

Cat in a box #mash #ragamuffin #catsofinstagram #catstagram

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Somali | A Golden Goose

Наблюдательный пунк, чтобы подсматривать за обеденным столом, занят 😼#somalicat

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Nebelung | The Blue Beauty

Sweet child of mine 😍 #wcw #nebelung

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Munchkin | Good Things, Small Packages

Napoleon | Fancy Fluffmaster

I tried to walk my cat today. It worked better than I thought. #napoleoncat #napoleonkitty

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Scottish Fold | The Owl-Faced Wonder

American Curl | The Second Chance Stray

Hey girlllll…. #americancurl #blackcat #torrocat

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Highlander | Best Shag Award

Pixiebob | The Tame Bobcat

Cymric | The Longhaired Manx

Amanda, The Queen #cymric #tessalvphotography #bestcats_oftheworld #catsofinstagram

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American Bobtail | The Human Whisperer

Selkirk Rex | Curly Hair Don’t Care

A wee bit of outside time yesterday.

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Laperm | The Curly-Coated Cutie

See any of your furry friends featured here? Learn about some new breeds you never knew existed? Be on the lookout for part two of this feature on breeds from the United States. Next we will dive into the longhair cat breeds originating in the US.

For more information on the breed, recommended breeders, or education you can visit the Breed Registries of the CFA, FiFe, GCCF, or the TICA. Also, you can always find mixed breeds at your local shelter or rescue.

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