Puppy vs Stairs

Published by VCA Inc. in Dogs, Pets, Puppy November 15, 2016

When you first bring a puppy into a new home, they have so much to explore! New sights, new sounds, and new obstacles to overcome. A puppy, just like a new baby, must learn how to walk, run, and yes how to walk up and down those stairs! Stairs like many other new things in the house are unknown and can be intimidating to a new pup. It’s important for us as pet owners to show them how to master the stairs, but also how to overcome the fear they may have. A puppy vs stairs scenario requires lots of patience, love, and a camera!

Luckily, watching and helping a puppy make it up those stairs is just as much fun and as adorable as teaching them how to cuddle. If you need some inspiration for your pups, we’ve provided some great examples of puppy vs stairs which you can use to show them how it’s done.

Courageous Corgi vs Stairs 

Puppy Vs Stairs😍 By @cobythecorgi_sg

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Big Puppies Need Help Too

Let Me Show You How It’s Done

Puppy vs stair #puppy #puppyvsstairs

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Kangaroo Hops Down the Stairs

A Little Help From Mom 

Half a Stair is Enough Right?

I’m Coming Down, But I’m Not Happy About It!

It's looking like I need to get a gate for the stairs! #thestruggle #puppyVSstairs #ponchothepup

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