Fun Pet Halloween Costumes

Published by VCA Inc. in Cats, Dogs, Pets, Tips November 4, 2016

Pet Halloween Costumes

Hoomans don’t get to have all the fun on Halloween! With a little help from their pet parents, these furry friends pulled out all the stops to show off their Pet Halloween costume creativity. Perhaps these can inspire costume ideas for next Halloween or for a weekend playing dress up with your pets!

Aviator Corgi

This clever canine graduated from the Corgi Pilot School with honors.  His style is perfect for taking to the skies and watching out for his favorite humans.

Hipster in Training

This perfect pooch is redefining the norms with his cool fashion and superior intellect.

The Lovely Ladybug

While many often dress up as cute kitties, this daydreamer is taking a shot at what it’s like to have polka dots and the reputation of bringing good luck!

Dainty Ballerina

On Halloween, your dreams can become a reality, as proven by this dainty ballerina.

This is my entry for the #FALLOWEEN16 contest hosted by @lifeofmill @_hobbes_ @ps.ny

A photo posted by 🐾💕MISHA & MASHA💕🐾 (@mr_and_mrs_chins) on

Spooky the Cat

This year Spooky kindly agreed to be our #VCASpooky mascot and modeled a great example of costume creativity!

Hogwarts Hounds

These pups have mastered the art of using magic to turn dental chews into tasty treats.