By the Pets – Election Day 2016!

Published by VCA Inc. in Cats, Dogs, Elections, Holidays, Pets November 8, 2016

Election Day is here and our furry friends are here to remind us to vote! Check out how these guys and gals have turned up at the polls to show you how it’s done! With our pet election day coverage, what else could you ask for?

Election Day Plan

This intelligent pup has created the best election day plan you could ask for. First, get a good breakfast in to gather your strength for the polls. Next, it’s voting time! Yes, it’s hard work so once you are done, nap time is essential. And finally, go celebrate with some playtime before the big announcement is made!

Eat βœ… Vote βœ… Nap βœ… Now playtime! #ElectionDay #Election2016 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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Encourage Your Friends

An important part of election day is knowing that we are in this together! Encourage your other furry friends to go out and vote. Obviously you will want to be there for emotional support as well. Election Day can be stressful!

Wear Your Sticker Proudly

Once you’ve cast your ballot, don’t forget to wear that sticker proudly! As you can see, our model here is showing you how it’s done. Lastly, don’t forget to share your sticker spot on social. This way all your furry friends can see how awesome you are!

Vote Dog

While some pups are dragging their hoomans out to the polls to vote for their fave candidates, these guys have another candidate in mind. Β If they had it their way, vote dog would be the only choice!

Vote Cat

Well, this kitty cat has another idea for the public. As with most of our feline friends, this cat is set in his plans to legalize catnip. Vote cat?

Whatever your election day plans are, don’t forget that your pets are always there to support and love you! Happy Election Day!