November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Published by VCA Inc. November 7, 2016

Each year, many senior pets end up in shelters and rescues around the country. These dogs and cats face uncertain futures and are often overlooked due to their age. Adopt a Senior Pet Month helps to bring awareness to those who may not know the many benefits of adopting a pet with a few extra years on them.

Years of Experience and Wisdom

Senior pets have the unmatched advantage of knowing what life is all about. Since these wise adults have had more  years to learn how to enjoy life and their humans, these guys and gals take every opportunity to enjoy the little things. Lounging, dining and being good listeners are just a few of the special traits that come with seniors.

Gratitude and Loyalty

Saving a senior pet and providing them a loving home will undoubtably give you a forever best friend. This pet will not only show how thankful they are, they will give you a lifetime of loyalty and affection.

Saving Lives

Most senior pets are at risk of euthanasia in the shelter system if not housed at a no-kill facility. Oftentimes this is because adopters want young adults or puppies and kittens. However, adopting a senior pet saves more than just one life. In addition to saving the lives of the senior pets who are adopted, you are also making room for another pet to enter the space the adopted pet leaves behind.

Senior Pets Rule

More than any reason, the simple fact is that senior pets rule! If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who owns or has adopted a senior pet. They are sure to tell you endless tales of pets who are loving, loyal, and every bit as awesome as any young pet. So get out there and support senior pets today by visiting your local rescue or shelter and adopt a senior pet this month!


VCA Animal Hospital Resources:

Remember when adopting a senior pet to stay on top of medical care and use preventative medicine to help keep your pets healthy!

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