The Moment of Tooth – Dental Care for Your Pets

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We know you love your pet and want what’s best for their health. One important way to help keep your dog or cat in tip-top shape is with regular dental care. Not only will it help keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth pearly white, but it also helps prevent gum disease in cats and dogs, which can be painful and may lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Your Moment of Tooth: With routine dental care, your pet’s pearly whites, just like your love, can last a lifetime.

The Moment of Tooth

Dental disease is one of the most common health issues we see in our hospitals – statistics show that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease by the time they’re three.

Dental Facts - Moment of Tooth

Effects of Poor Dental Health

In reality, dental disease can affect more than just a pet’s teeth. When routine dental hygiene is not part of a pet’s healthcare regimen, that pet is at risk for significant health problems. It begins with plaque formation that can lead to inflammation and pain, and eventually tooth loss if left untreated. In some cases, periodontal disease can even put a pet at a higher risk for other systemic conditions affecting the heart, liver and kidneys. It can also complicate other underlying diseases, such as diabetes, and can lower resistance to other diseases and infections.

Poor Dental Health, Moment of Tooth

Preventing High Dental Costs

Many pet owners are hesitant about the added expense of routine dental care. But preventive dental care is far less expensive than treating serious dental disease. In fact, treating dental disease is approximately double (2.4 times) the cost of preventive dental care. Investment in a pet’s dental care can not only save future costs of treating more serious dental-related illnesses, it also offers an invaluable humane return – in potentially sparing a pet from pain and disease.

Dental Facts Prevention, MOment of tooth

Demystifying Anesthesia 

We want every pet’s dental care visit to be as stress-free as possible. The use of anesthesia is required to reduce levels of pain and discomfort and to ensure a properly-assessed and accurate exam.  According to the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Dental College, a dental exam and professional cleaning without anesthesia use is considered to be a sub-standard level of care. We follow an anesthetic protocol based on stringent American Animal Hospital Association guidelines, and designed specifically for pets, while providing a level of care in keeping with standards put forth by the American Veterinary Dental College.

A protocol designed just for your pet

Before your pet ever goes under anesthesia, we will run pre-anesthetic screening tests to look for any possible issues with your pet’s health. Those results, along with information regarding your pet’s age, weight and overall health will help us devise an anesthetic protocol for your pet.

Your pet’s safety always comes first

Anesthetic use is safer than it has ever been before. This is because of newer and safer drugs being used, the careful dosing, and administration of the drugs, and the constant monitoring of your pet during and after anesthetic use. While your pet is under anesthesia, our dental technician and veterinarian will closely monitor vital signs to ensure your pet remains safe and comfortable at all times.

Exam Room Poster, Moment of Tooth

VCA Care Club

VCA offers wellness plans for every stage of life. Check out the different plan options, some of which include dental care for your pet. Memberships also include:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • 5 visits to your VCA® hospital each year
  • Doctor-recommended vaccines
  • Prevention and early detection tests of serious diseases
  • Routine dental care for your pet.*
  • Peace of mind knowing you are doing the best for your pet

*Only available with Adult Paws+ and Senior Paws+ Plans

Our moment of tooth…

Talk to your veterinarian today about scheduling a dental care visit to keep your pet healthy from tooth to tail.

VCA CareClub® is available at participating hospitals. Please contact us to sign up for VCA CareClub® and for more program details.
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