Breed of the Week – Exotic Shorthair Cat

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Although most cat breeds are shorthaired, the Exotic Shorthair is in a class of its own. The name exotic can be a bit misleading however since this kitty was bred in the US around the 1960’s. This Persian lookalike comes with the same amount of cuteness and a lot less grooming.

The Feline Facts

  • Ancestors / Breeding:  Persian, Burmese, Abyssinian, British Shorthair, American Shorthair
  • Origin:  United States
  • Dates of Origin: 1960’s
  • Colors / Patterns:  All
  • Grooming: Minimal
  • Life Expectancy:  15+ years

The Look of the Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs come with all the fancy characteristics of the Persian, with one extra special exception. These cute kitties have a much shorter, denser coat which is easier to manage and gives them a teddy bear look. Since these coats do not mat or tangle, much less brushing and grooming is required for busy owners.

Some of the key traits to notice when viewing an Exotic Shorthair include the flat face, full and adorably cute cheeks, small ears with rounded tips and the stocky body. Also, most important to notice is the short, soft, dense coat which comes in all colors and patterns. Finally, it is hard to miss those big round eyes as they look lovingly at you!


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Feline Fun Factors

These super sweet cats not only love to curl up on laps, but also tend to be gentle in nature and often quiet as a mouse! The breed is similar to Persians in personality and are often sweet, easygoing, and occassionally playful. Unlike many independent cats, the Exotic Shorthair is super affectionate and loves to be around her people. If you are looking for an extra cuddly Exotic, you may want to grab a male as they are the more affectionate of the two. Overall, these sweethearts are great for families of any size and can integrate into a home at any age.

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Where Do I Get One?

Think that the Exotic Shorthair sounds like the perfect addition to your home? It’s always important to do your homework before adding any pet to your family. For more information on the breed, recommended breeders, or education you can visit the Breed Registries of the CFA, FiFe, GCCF, or the TICA. Also, you can always find mixed breeds at your local shelter or rescue.

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