Cricket – VCA and Marley’s Mutts

Published by VCA Inc. in Dogs, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Marley's Mutts, Pets, Shelters & Rescues October 21, 2016

Cricket the dog was approximately 7-weeks old when he was brought to a local animal shelter by a caring citizen.  At the time, it was noted that he had unknown trauma and was unable to utilize his back leg. Immediately, Marley’s Mutts Rescue found Cricket and brought him to VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. Once a thorough exam was performed, they found out that his leg was severely fractured and he had irreversible nerve damage. It was ultimately determined that sweet, little Cricket would need an amputation. Although the news was not what everyone wished for, hope for this precious pup was not lost.

VCA Hospitals Contributions for Cricket Marley’s Mutts

Cricket Marley's Mutts the dog, laying down with sad eyes

VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital contributed to the cost of the amputation. Additionally, the incredible surgical team performed the procedures at West LA. Little Cricket was well cared for at VCA West LA and did amazing through both surgery and recovery.  All he needed now was some time to rest.

Afterwards, Cricket was lucky enough to be fostered by two loving staff members; Dr. Ketaki Karnik, our radiologist, and Zowie Vasquez one of our referral coordinators. Cricket’s spirit returned and his cute little personality started to show in no time.

Cricket the dog in foster care, laying on wood floorWith the dedication and commitment from the rehab department in the hospital, Cricket rebounded quickly and made a full recovery. Marley’s Mutts Rescue was able to locate a wonderful forever home for Cricket. His newly adopted family continues to bring Cricket to VCA WLA Animal Hospital for his care. Cricket loves to visit the staff who took care of him in his time of need.

Cricket the dog sticking tongue out and wrapped in christmas lights

This story is now and will be forever near and dear to our hearts! Cricket is just one of many heroic stories that the teams at Marley’s Mutts and VCA Animal Hospitals help to create. At VCA, your pets health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.



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