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This Thailand native is pure bliss and carries the name Khaomanee (pronunced “cow-mah-nee”) with pride. Since the name translates to “white jewel”, this means they are beautiful and priceless. With nicknames such as jeweled cat and diamond eye, it’s no secret that these cats eyes are one of a kind.

The Feline Facts

  • Ancestors / Breeding:  Naturally bred
  • Origin:  Thailand
  • Dates of Origin: 14th century
  • Colors / Patterns:  White
  • Grooming: Minimal
  • Life Expectancy:  15+ years

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The Look of the Khaomanee

This medium size kitty is a shorthair that only requires a weekly brushing to keep that white coat looking great. The coat will keep a nice shine if groomed regularly.

Some of the key traits to notice when viewing a Khaomanee include long muscular legs, pink paw pads, wedge-shaped head, and the pink leather nose. Finally, it is hard to miss those eyes with diamond shaped pupils! The eyes can come in a variety of colors and often will be bi-colored, the most desired trait of all.

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Feline Fun Factors

The Khaomanee is a lovable companion who enjoys being around people. They can also be bold, fun and occasionally very vocal when trying to get your attention. With that temperament and disposition, he can make a fun companion for children and other cats as well.


Where Do I Get One?

Think that the Khaomanee sounds like the perfect addition to your home? It’s always important to do your homework before adding any pet to your family. For more information on the breed, recommended breeders, or education you can visit the Breed Registries of the GCCF, or the TICA. Also, you can always find mixed breeds at your local shelter or rescue.

Share Your Breed Pictures

Finally, want to share pictures or videos of your Khaomanee? Send your submissions to or post on your social media channel of choice and tag #vcapets


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