BenBen, Saddest Cat on the Internet Raises Money to Save Strays

Published by VCA Inc. in Associate Veterinary Clinics, Canada, Cats, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Pets, Shelters & Rescues November 30, 2016

Meet BenBen from Vancouver.  Dubbed the ‘saddest cat on the Internet’ due to his worried look and down-turned eyes, BenBen was rescued back in April. Not only was BenBen in bad shape, but he was only one day away from being euthanized.  A BC SPCA officer brought him in to the Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre. He needed immediate medical attention to treat his numerous wounds.

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He suffered not only from puncture wounds, but also had infected lacerations and a crushed spine. He could barely move and one of his ears was badly damaged. The prognosis did not look good for this kitty, and his face said it all. Gaining the name of the saddest cat on the internet has real meaning for BenBen. Through numerous days of treatment at both the Animal Emergency and Referral Center and the SPCA hospital, BenBen got the care he needed to heal, both physically and emotionally. Now all he needed was an adopter who could handle his medical care, which would be consistent and lifelong.

Sandy Windover, a member of the AVC/VCA family, and a technician at Vancouver Animal Emergency & Referral Centre, knew that she could be the one to cure BenBen’s sadness. She and her partner adopted BenBen and he is making awesome progress in his recovery with his new forever family. It took an extra special adopter who understood the needs of sweet BenBen and who could provide him the medical care and love he deserves.

BenBen’s journey has been covered by several news outlets such as Global TV and he has risen to fame on social media.  With this fame, BenBen’s adopter’s wanted to help raise money for the BC SPCA to help other stray animals just like BenBen. After surpassing their initial goal of $5K, the new goal of raising $10K is in sight! If you would like to donate to BenBen’s campaign to help other stray’s like him, click on the link below.

BenBen’s GoFundMe page is at

“We are super proud to have Sandy (and now BenBen) in the AVC/VCA family”, Darren Johnson, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Associate Veterinary clinics said,

“The love she has shown BenBen is indicative of the care our teams across Canada provide all animals we come in contact with, and is a true inspiration.  We all wish them the best of luck going forward!”