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Above and Beyond – Associate Veterinary Clinic Employees Rewarded for Hard Work

Published by VCA Inc. in Associate Veterinary Clinics, Canada, Veterinary Staff January 23, 2017

Associate Veterinary Clinics in Canada (AVC), a member of the VCA Family, knows that at the heart of caring for pets is the employees who work hard everyday. Every hospital has many staff members who contribute to helping millions of animals each year. Front office staff, veterinary technicians and assistants, supervisors, administrators, human resources, finance and more. In...

Poisoned goose gets lifesaving treatment at VCA in Seattle

Published by VCA Inc. in Canada, Goose, Lifesaving, PAWS Seattle, VCA Animal Hospitals, Wildlife December 19, 2016

VCA Animal Hospitals across the country form partnerships with animal shelters and rescues to save the lives of pets, wildlife and those who need a second chance at life. This story highlights the combined effort of VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle and PAWS to save the life of a poisoned goose. Back in May 2016, a Canada...

BenBen, Saddest Cat on the Internet Raises Money to Save Strays

Published by VCA Inc. in Associate Veterinary Clinics, Canada, Cats, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Pets, Shelters & Rescues November 30, 2016

Meet BenBen from Vancouver.  Dubbed the ‘saddest cat on the Internet’ due to his worried look and down-turned eyes, BenBen was rescued back in April. Not only was BenBen in bad shape, but he was only one day away from being euthanized.  A BC SPCA officer brought him in to the Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre. He needed immediate...